PK Cable Map 1880's

PK Cable Map 1880's

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

George Draper

Just been trying to find some details about cable signalling patents when I came across this part of the BBC's "History of the World" website concerning the transatlantic cables.

There's a comment at the bottom from one Bruce Henderson who says:

"I was very interested to see this item imcluded in the list of 100 objects. My GGgrandfather, George Draper was, for 35 years, secretary to Eastern Telegraph co, which was the company that operated the telegraph systems round the world. In the year of his retirement, 1903, there was an International Telegraph conference in London. I have a book of cuttings and invitations to the various events held. Telegraph Construction and Maintenace Co , of London, which manufactured and laid the cable; notably the original transatlantic cables, using the good ship Great eastern."

It would be fascinating to contact Mr. Henderson and find out what he's got -- unless PTM staff have already done so? Has anybody heard of him?

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  1. I actually met Bruce Henderson last July when he visited the museum. He was interested in finding out more about George Draper, his son Edward Draper, and the 1903 International Telegraph Conference. I was able to locate and send him George Draper's ETC staff record, a photograph of the 1903 conference, and copies of speeches given by George Draper at three events to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of submarine telegraphic communication with the Far East. However, I did not find any reference to Edward Draper. He mention the scrapbook to me then and had hoped to bring it to the museum to show me last September, but was unable to come down in the end. He did email me a spreadsheet detailing the contents of the scrapbook though.