PK Cable Map 1880's

PK Cable Map 1880's

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Ascension Island

These pictures come from an aerial survey undertaken by the United States of Ascension Island, completed in 1945/6. It details the changes that took place on the Island during the War - notably the defence positions and the airstrip at Wideawake Field, which was a vital link in the supply of aircraft from America during the War. Ascension was the central point in the South Atlantic Ferry Route.

(CO 968/105/1)

Tunnels for Cable and Wireless... and for Western Union?

(FO 371/28654)
Another snippet from the PRO. Where Cable and Wireless had the tunnels at Porthcurno, Western Union - who also landed cables in Cornwall - had a largely unprotected office at the top of Alexandra Road in Penzance (now flats - boo, hiss). Whether or not this protected underground 'reserve' cable station was built is something I'll follow up...

Strategic Cables

(HW 14/07)
I found this diagram of the strategic cable network from the Second World War in the PRO; it was prepared in 1943/44 by Bletchley Park (MI5, MI6, Inter-Services Research Bureau... who knows?), but it does highlight just how many important cables were 'C+W'.