PK Cable Map 1880's

PK Cable Map 1880's

Saturday, 12 February 2011

I've just come across this Spanish map from 1882 of the Eastern Telegraph Company's cables (in the Biblioteca Nacional de Espana). It's a good deal clearer than most cable maps I've been able to find, and is going to be particularly useful in the telecommunications history course I'm currently teaching.

The map suggests that the ETC, or one of its subsidiaries, operated a cross-channel cable from somewhere near Hastings to Le Harve. Does anyone know which firm ran it?

On the subject of cable maps, the ever-brilliant Distant Writing website has just posted a link to a high-quality scan of the Electric Telegraph Company's routes in 1852: . It's interesting to compare this to the earlier and later maps that Wendy found in the BT Archives, and the one that's in PK.


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  1. Richard,
    W T Henley made and laid a 6-core cable from Beachy Head to Cap D'Antifer in 1870. This is referred to in Haigh ( 2nd Ed) on page 33 and there is also as ever,useful info on Bill Burns pages.
    I guess you had probably found it by now ?
    The line was taken over by GPO in 1990